Are you a new digital media VA trying to land your first client?

It's hard to get hired when you're new and business owners only want to hire digital media assistants "with experience."

If you haven't actually done the work before... how do you get the job?

That's why we're going to build your portfolio together in my new free 5-day challenge! From June 8-15 we'll build your portfolio from scratch so that you have content that will get you hired on the spot!   


You'll finish the challenge with:

  • a thorough portfolio that shows off your digital media skills and knowledge 
  • hands-on experience doing actual client work
  • 💯confidence that you can do social media and digital marketing clients IRL
  • motivation and an actual plan to approach business owners and get hired

5 Days to Build your Portfolio from Scratch

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This is how you get started

I've been freelancing for 10 years in the digital marketing space, and I know what online business owners need for help.

Here's the truth: solopreneurs need help and they don't want to take the time to train their team in social media and digital marketing strategies and tactics that are becoming common place. They usually can't afford the $45+/hour specialized assistant.

There are tons of job opportunities right now but first, you'll have to show your stuff.

Just like seventh grade math, you gotta show your work so a business owner will be willing to take a risk on someone who is new. New isn't bad, new just means bigger learning curves and longer times to get projects done.

I'm here to help you get the job: giving you the accountability to do the work that clients actually want to see and get your portfolio to scream "You'd be Stupid Not to Hire Me!"

Working as a digital media virtual assistant has made such a difference in my stay-at-home-mom and military spouse world. I want to help you do it too by getting that first paying client.

- Emily Reagan

🦄 Digital Media Consultant & Virtual Assistant, and