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These students had a desire of working from home.

They brought various skills to the Digital Media VA Crash Course and learned how to mold them into a viable, profitable virtual career helping online businesses grow. Today they consider themselves unicorn VAs because they can be that jack of all trades in digital marketing.

Here's what our students said about the

Digital Media VA Crash Course

Nurse Learns In-Demand Digital Skills to Switch Career Fields & Work Flexible Hours

"I had heard of VAs, and researched several courses, but none came close to Emily's Digital Media VA Crash Course with all they offered! The course was easy to follow, self-paced, and more informative than I ever expected. Not only did I learn all the basics to get started with my own business, Emily and her team gave me the tools, tips, and skills to perform at a level of a VA that has been doing this for 5-10 years.
I had clients before I finished the course, and have made back the fee for the course in less than a month doing this as a "side" business while I slowly wind down my first career."

Tabitha Meisenzahl, Timberwood Digital Business Consulting-freelance Digital Media VA, and nurse. Read her story here.

Natasha, Stay-At-Home & MilSpouse, Gains Confidence to Work Again on Her Own Terms

"Emily's Digital Media VA Course was a life changer. After not working for 7 years, her course gave me the confidence and basic skills to get back out there. She was there for me every step of the way, cheering me on and reassuring me. A month later I have clients and am so happy I did this for myself and my family."

Natasha Stresemann, freelance Digital Media VA, stay-at-home mom, former store manager. Read her story here.


Special Needs Mom Finds Perfect Work-From-Home Job & Work-Mom Life Balance

"...nothing beats setting your own schedule! Mom life has me in a million places at once. Having a child with medical complexities prohibits me from working normal hours. But now I can help contribute to the home financially, and still be there for all of my daughter’s needs."

- Allison Riegaard, Personal Alli-freelance Digital Media VA, stay-at-home mom. Read her story here.


Crash Course Student Gets Eye-Opening to Vast Online Services

"I recommend Emily's digital course to anyone who is motivated to learn a whole bunch in a few weeks. Great info was provided and guidance into the virtual world of making money and having fun. There isn't a limit to the services you can provide remotely for your future clients or for yourself."

- Rosa Tims, freelance Digital Media VA.

Meet Carrie Peterson 

She took the Digital Media VA Crash Course when her previous job was eliminated.

She wanted to be her own boss, work from home, and make money doing something she loved.

Today she is living her dream.


After 9 Years of Being a Stay-at-Home-Mom, Crystal Confidently Joins Virtual Workforce

"I now have four clients and I have a volunteer spot with my local food pantry keeping their website updated. I never would have had the courage to just flat out offer digital media services after being a stay-at-home mom for 9 years! The VA Crash Course was a confidence booster for sure and helped me realize how help out there is needed and how people are willing to pay for that help! This will be an exciting year!"

-Crystal Morissette, freelance Digital Media VA, stay-at-home mom, former industrial engineer.

Student Appreciates Her Fast Track in Digital Marketing Learning

"Emily’s crash course was very informative and thorough. She takes time to even include PDFs to get you going fast! Not only that, Emily was born to tackle the techie world and shares secrets it would take years to learn in the field." 

Morgan Chloe Clapper, Me Behind The Screen- freelance Digital Media VA, artist at Timbercraft.

Carmen Recommends Learning from Someone Who Has Client Work Experience

"Emily has plenty of experience and loves to share the wealth of her knowledge of the VA world! Definitely recommend her course if you want to learn digital marketing behind the scenes!!"

- Carmen Whetzel, freelance Digital Media VA, former educator. Read her story here.

Former Engineering Project Manager uses Course Skills to Become an Online Business Manager

"Before the course, I'm sure I missed things because it was so much to learn all at once so this [course] is nice that you can go back and reference it and watch it and then I go back and re-watch it."

- Laura Greata, Greata Digital Consulting-freelance Digital Media VA, stay-at-home mom, former industrial engineer. Learn about her story here

Teacher Mom Learns Digital Marketing Fundamentals Through Course

"When I saw her [Emily's] passion and excitement for her job, I was intrigued and wanted to learn more. Since then, I have successfully worked with a variety of clients with their online businesses. And I enrolled in Emily’s course to get a foundation for everything that I would need to know to be ready to work with clients."

- Nicole Morgan, freelance Digital Media VA, educator. Read her story here.


Jennifer is Brand New to the Digital Business World & Learned a Ton

"Before starting Emily’s course, I didn’t know what a VA was. I wasn’t very confident in my “techie” skills and thought I would get lost fast but I figured I had to at least try it if it meant that I could work from home and work for myself! The fluidity and knowledge in her tutorials have made this process so much easier than expected. I love that I can take this at my own pace. As a busy mom, that’s helpful! I feel that during this process, Emily and her team have been my biggest cheerleaders!"

- Jennifer Meisenzahl, freelance Digital Media VA, stay-at-home mom.


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"I have been on the receiving end of Emily's services as a business owner. I can't speak highly of her enough! Results is what she accomplishes. In less than 30 days, she helped me earn $4,059! This was a direct result of her helping me behind the scenes starting with my Facebook ads transitioning to my landing page and all of my branding! She did this all with just 333 subscribers. My Facebook group in the last month has grown from 250 to 750 members!
Emily is the REAL deal. "

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