The VA Workgroup 

The exclusive membership group where unicorn VAs hang out refining their skills, applying for jobs, and supporting each other.

I am so proud of you for being here! 


You’re a smart go-getter who knows our world changes quickly.

You know it's easier to find a parking place when you're running late than stay on top every new update that affects our business. You need a team. 

Well imagine...

A space where you're comfortable asking in-depth questions and receiving reliable answers from working peers you trust.

An instant resource library that offers the tech skills you need when you need them plus the ability to suggest new trainings in areas not yet included.

A job board that's exclusive to a small group of candidates who encourage each other jump in and go for it.

This magical place is real.

The Digital Media VA Workgroup began when I envisioned a fun, safe, tight-knit community where working digital media unicorn grads could hang out, get honest feedback, share industry insights, cheer personal wins and console frustrations.

And if I'm being honest, I needed a place where I fit in. A mastermind where I could bounce ideas off other savvy industry unicorns who get it and get me.

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So what's included?

The Digital Media VA Workgroup offers ongoing training given directly to you. Each month I share new skills you can apply immediately or save for when you need them. There's no rush to learn it all in a few weeks. As long as you're a member of the VA Workgroup you'll have access to all the trainings forever. 

Inside you'll grow your contractor business with: 

  • My best, high-level job leads from my industry peers, colleagues who want more than just a VA
  • Advanced tech walk-through trainings in Kajabi, Facebook Ads, Convertkit.
  • Lessons to help you promote yourself as a freelancer, set client boundaries 
  • In-depth tactical trainings to help you grow social media accounts, launch and manage podcasts, and get clients booked on media ops
  • Swipe copy marketing content and design files to help you save on implementation client time
  • Virtual Happy Hours to network with your fellow freelancers 
  • And sooo much more

What members are saying...

The Digital Media Workgroup is the home of my top students and freelancers.... 

Why applying makes sense ... RIGHT NOW:

Reason 1

You want more confidence 

You've signed a few clients yet still feel a bit unsure about the what ifs out there. I get it. I was there once too. Don't sweat it; this group has your back! Take on new challenges knowing you've got a blessing of unicorns in your back pocket to point you in the right direction.

Reason 2

You need more tech help

The techie part of online space is very daunting to anyone who is NOT a developer or coder, but the reality is there are so many plug-ins, apps, and web-based software platforms available that it's impossible to master them all. The VA Workgroup resource library gets you smart in areas you need now. It breaks down the tech by teaching specific skills in small nuggets plus you can give me your training ideas and I'll try to make it happen or find an expert who can help. Many of the unicorns inside are specializing in niches and offer help when asked also.  

Reason 3

You want more clients

You've seen all the jobops in the student group. Many of those jobs were posted in the VA Workgroup first. I want my go-getters in VA Workgroup to get first dibs and when they're book out...and many are, then I post in the students' group. Plus members reach out with jobops to each other when they need help. This workgroup is a powerful referral network.

Reason 4

You want a lifelong community 

Hey I'm there with you. I worked alone for too long. We all need the commerady of other smart VAs who support our journey. I keep admittance to this group exclusive because I want it to stay a comfortable place to relax, bounce ideas, and share wins and loses and have virtual social hours! 

Reason 5

You jump when opportunity appears

Invites to the group are infrequent and by application only because I want alumni who are ready to dive deeper into this unique, fun unicorn world of ours. This group thrives on motivated members who love to try new things, give help, share industry tips...and...go for the jobs regardless of how much it scares them! 

I'll bet this describes you too. 

Pricing options to fit your business



Save $141 and get 3 Months Free!




Billed Monthly


For non Digital Media VA Crash Course Students: There is a $97 join fee

We want to make sure this group has vetted, experienced and serious digital service providers, VAs and freelancers who can take on the work and keep up our reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions our top members had before joining

  1. Click on any APPLY NOW button on this page and fill out your application
  2. Application accepted - choose your payment plan (you'll be notified via email)
  3. Membership started - join our private Facebook community 

Access to the resource training library begins immediately after you join. All sections are open at once. 

Think of it like a giant vending machine where you pick a selection. I'll add new trainings each month so you can update your skills based on what you're working on. 

You don't have to! All the tutorials are there IF and WHEN you need them. There are unicorn tech tricks, advanced tactics, and specialized skills you can use for your clients now or later. You can also suggest tutorials in areas we may not have covered yet. I'm open to your ideas because this group is for you!  

As long as you're a member you can use the resource library and stay in the private FB group. You'll also get all the new updates and trainings as they come out. 

Of course! Keep in mind when you pay monthly, you need to cancel before the next monthly payment. If you pay annually, then you'll be a member until the next annual payment is due. 

You are joining a small referral community of freelancers specializing all kinds of digital marketing areas. 

These are your top-performing graduates from inside the Digital Media VA Crash Course.

Tons of extra tech and marketing training, exclusive job postings, virtual happy hours and like-minded freelance business owners to support each other.

This is where you take your business serious and move to the next level.




The Digital Media VA Workgroup - $423 Value

  • Podcast management training
  • Launching guide
  • Social media trainings
  • In-depth Facebook Ads, Kajabi and ConvertKit tech tutorials
  • Access to swipe copy marketing content
  • How to promote your business
  • VA support for working peers
  • Access to me inside our private FB group
  • And sooo much more


The Power to Say YES to any freelance Job & any client with the confidence, community  & support to be successful.


"One of the greatest decisions I have made since taking Emily's course and jumping into the VA world is joining Emily's work group. The greatest benefit to me, beyond all the amazing trainings and tips Emily is always adding, is the support and camaraderie in this lonely online world. Knowing other people who are dealing with the same things and are there to support each other is very comforting. And knowing that if I can't figure something out, there is an amazing group of people with all different skills and experience to turn to, is invaluable.

Not long after starting as a VA I was asked to build a landing page and couldn't figure out how to do something that I knew could be done, but I didn't know what the action was called to be able to find it after searching. So I explained to the group what I was trying to do and within minutes a lovely, helpful lady sent me the link to the tutorial of exactly what I was looking for! For the willingness to share knowledge and the unwavering support of this peer group, you would be a fool not to join this workgroup if you are a VA and given the opportunity. Not to mention, all the amazing job opportunities you can't get as easily on your own! I am grateful to Emily and everyone in this group for this group.♡"

Lisa Rosema
Digital Business Solutions - Unicorn VA







See you on the inside 🦄 !


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